Accuro Health Insurance

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Partners Life

Shaking up the life insurance market, Partners Life set up in New Zealand in 2010. Founded by management who had been involved in two previous insurance start-ups in New Zealand…

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Partners Life

Shaking up the life insurance market, Partners Life set up in New Zealand in 2010. Founded by management who had been involved in two previous insurance start-ups in New Zealand (Sovereign and OnePath) who saw a gap in the market place for a new and innovative life insurance company.

Partners Life offer the full range of life insurance products both for the protection of families and businesses in New Zealand. Their risk products include; life insurance, income protection insurance, medical insurance, disability insurance, trauma insurance and business risk insurance.

The name “Partners Life” shows their philosophy in sharing the value they create with all stakeholders, basically building a partnership together.

Partners Life has a B++ (Secure) financial strength rating by A.M. Best.

The fastest growing life insurance company in New Zealand is always coming up with new and fresh products to keep both customers and the insurance market on their toes.

Their current life insurance and health insurance product suite include the following:

Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life Income Cover
Accidental Death Cover
Terminal Illness Cover
Trauma Insurance
Severe Trauma Cover
Specific Condition Cover
Total Permanent Disability Cover

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance
Mortgage Repayment Insurance
​Redundancy Insurance
Household Expenses Cover

Health Insurance

Private Medical Cover
Hospital Cash Cover

Partners Life management team consist of some well known individuals within the finance sector within New Zealand. Current board members include Jim Minto, Naomi Ballantyne, Paul Chrystall and Sam Knowles.

Focus on Partners Life Unique Insurance Product

No other life insurance company in New Zealand currently offers a product like Household Expenses cover that Partners Life currently offers.

Partners Life Household Expenses Cover gives the insured financial security in the event of being injured or ill and unable to meet regular household expenses. It is a great product to use stand alone or as a package with either mortgage protection insurance or income protection insurance to give you the best possible outcome at claim time.

Household expenses you can cover include but not limited to utilities such as gas, electricity, phone, internet etc but can also be used for body corporate fees, paid television and private school fees. It can be quite useful when you wish to top up your existing income cover above the 75% margin. You have a selection of benefit and wait periods and it also includes the very useful specific injury and critical illness cover in built.

There are also great additional benefits included in the product such as return to work rewards and special assistance to home.

This product is great for those who don’t have a mortgage but wants some protection if they were unable to work and need to be able to pay their living expenses. Equally it also great to combine with one of Partners Life’s other income or mortgage protection products to give a higher level of cover that would be achievable with just income protection insurance cover.

“Partners Life has some unique risk insurance benefits in its product suite; such as Accidental Death Cover, Terminal Illness Cover, Funeral Plan, Hospital Cash Cash Cover and Household Expenses Cover”

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