Accuro Health Insurance

Accuro Health Insurance NZ

Accuro is a provider of Medical Insurance in New Zealand and being one of two not-for-profit health providers, they offer low premiums, comprehensive cover and personal service. They are 100% New Zealand owned by its members and has been providing health insurance since 1971.

Originally starting out as a health insurance provider for health professionals they eventually opened up its doors to the rest of New Zealand in 2007.

It rebranded from the “Health Service Welfare Society” to Accuro; the name of which means in Latin “taking care”.

Accuro currently has a B (Positive) AM Best financial strength rating as at 25th May 2016, they are a full service health provider in that they offer not only surgical and non-surgical cover but also added options such as GP and Dental cover, products they offer include:

Accuro Health Insurance

Health Insurance For Residents of New Zealand

With optional extras such as Specialist cover, GP Plan, Natural Health, and Dental and Optical.

Health Insurance For Non-Residents of New Zealand

They also offer health insurance to non-residents of New Zealand, which can be pretty important as they may not be covered by New Zealand’s public healthcare system

Children's Health Insurance

Recently Accuro also launched a new policy designed especially for children, called KidSmart – specifically a child can have health cover without being attached to an adult’s policy.

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