You’ve probably discovered or already know that there is an overwhelming amount of insurance information available online. With so many amazing websites available, how do you find the best blogs, information and other resources.

Here is What We Found:

If you are looking for practical and educational insights into saving money on insurance, you have come to the right place. Here are the 25 best insurance blogs online today.

As you know there so many amazing blogs out there in the insurance world, full of good and helpful ideas. But we have decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop. Whether you are looking minimise your life insurance costs or get the most out of your health insurance policy, these blogs will give you the tools, tips and techniques to get the most insurance for your dollar.

For each site, you’ll find links to ‘must see’ items such as the most useful articles, blog posts, podcasts, or videos. When possible, I’ve also included pictures of the bloggers and experts, as well as links to their social media accounts, so you can follow more easily!

25 Most Follow Top Life Insurance Blogs That Will Help You Save $$$

The Blogs are listed in no particular order since I found it very difficult to range the blogs

Life Health Pro – Life Insurance

Life Insurance NZ

Written by experts in their field such as Elana Jefferson, Emily Holbrook, Kristen Beckman, Allison Bell, Warren Hersch to name a few.

Aimed more at advisers in life and health insurance it is great source of information, so even the public can benefit from the information contained with this blog.

Inspiring words of wisdom for advisers and some good tips for insurance can be gleaned by members of the public.

NerdWallet – Life Insurance

Life Insurance NZ

Fantastic resource of tools and advice for insurance seekers but across all facets of people’s financial lives. Some good information about how much life insurance you need and also the different types of life insurance and busting a few myths along the way.

The Nerd Wallet blog contain some worthwhile reading material and certainly not a site to skip.

Twitter: @NerdWallet

Huntley Wealth Insurance – Instant Term Life Quotes

Income Protection Insurance

Chris Huntley is recognised as one of the leading online insurance agents in the USA, he specialises in getting cover for those who have medical problems which make it difficult or almost impossible to get life insurance.

Chris has featured on Forbes, NerdWallet to name just a few, and his articles are insightful and his blog helpful to those who are trying to get life insurance or struggling to get it

Twitter: @mrchrishuntley

AccuQuote Life Insurance Blog

Health Insurance NZ

It asks the questions you want to ask about life insurance but don’t want to post in case it affects a future application. Questions are answered for those who have some habits or pursuits that insurance companies tend to hate. Frequent posters of the things that matter to you when looking for life insurance.

If you have some hard questions – chance are they have already been answered on this site

Twitter: @accuquote


Whether you are looking to buy insurance or just have a question or need some timely advice, this blog is worth a visit. Set up in 1995 they are one of the pioneers of online life insurance. Articles written by experts such as Tim Bain and Dawn Mentzer in the life insurance world, they have been cited by Money, Business Week, and Smart Money over the years.

Twitter: @QuickQuote

The Insurance Word Blog

Life Insurance

The Insurance Word has been going for 19 years and still going strong. It includes all the usual articles and information about insurance but also the other areas of a financial plan. Contains the most up to date information and also personal stories of how insurance has helped out at people’s hour of need.

Twitter: @lifehappens

Exam One


This blog is around the medical side of life insurance, if you are having problems getting insurance or have a medical problem which may inhibit your ability to get life insurance or get standard rates then this is a good resource for you. In depth discussion around the current issues and also the testing that goes into the medical exams.

Twitter: @QuickQuote

Liran Hirschkorn has a wealth of educational posts which makes the life insurance world seem that more interesting. Specifically it gives some examples of health problems and how these would affect a life insurance application or the ability to get life insurance. – Health Insurance Blog

Health Insurance NZ

Whilst this is a blog more about Health Insurance, we thought it worth including. Great treasure trove of information especially for those whose have medical changes or changes in lifestyle or lost their health insurance coverage. Gives you some great tools to save money and get some exemptions, there is information for individuals, families and small businesses.  A must to research tool when looking at health insurance.



Talks about general health and is not only insurance focused with a humorous view in some articles. For example an article on “Here’s Why Batman Could Never Get Life Insurance” explains why Bruce Wayne would struggle to get Life Insurance. Makes an often mundane topic quite an amusing read.


Twitter: @ Quotacy

Great discussion articles around dealing with life insurance with family and spouses and how to have those discussions we always put off for a rainy day. Also some real articles of interest such as how life insurance treats such as topical issues such as euthanasia. Make sure you take look as Richard Reich writes some good articles.

Twitter: @ IntramarkInsure

QuoteMonster Blog & Chatswood Consulting

Twitter: @RussellHutchins

SecureNow – Life Insurance

Not only life insurance articles can be found on this encyclopedia like collection of posts, insurance articles also include property, marine and liability insurance.

There are some great articles for business owners in here which discuss what you need to be thinking about for insuring key employees and also putting in place shareholder protection.


Life Insurance Direct


Twitter: @ lidirect

Insurance Journal



The Life Insurance Blog

Some great articles written in here, some very top of my mind stuff. Including suicide and life insurance, and how underwriters look at use of marijuana and/or depression and how these can affect your life insurance premiums. There is also an article about sleep aponea which often catches people out when applying for cover

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