By using an adviser who is qualified with Life Insurance in NZ it means you can rest assured that they have had to go through not only a vetting process but also initial and ongoing training process. Using an adviser who has been in the business for a reasonable period of time means you will get qualified advice which will be tailored to you as an individual.

When choosing an insurance product you need to be looking at obviously the price of the insurance company versus the market, the quality of the product as rated by a 3rd party. Lastly the financial strength and their usability in terms of paying claims and also their general customer service.

Often you may have an occupation, pastime such as scuba diving or a medical condition which one particular insurer may not want to insure so this is where it pays to have an adviser who knows this and can help choose a provider which will suit you and provide you the right cover.

Obtaining life insurance is not a give in and there plenty of individuals who may not be able to obtain insurance at standard rates and they may either receive an exclusion or a financial loading. Once again having a financial adviser who understands this process and knows how to work for the client is important.

You can get insurance directly from some insurers, however they offer the same premiums as we offer (ignoring the cash rebate). However by going directly to one insurer means you have not
compared the rest of the market. Ideally you also want an adviser who can deal with the all the insurance companies as this gives you choice on both pricing and benefits as well.

Very importantly when looking at protecting income you need the right advice, there are quite a few variables and products to take into account. Also you need to look at your situation in regards to ACC and whether you are a PAYE or non PAYE earner. Getting the correct structure with both private cover and ACC can be vital when being self-employed or a shareholder employee.

The other important aspect when it comes to using an adviser is come claim time, you want someone who has experience in handling claims and who knows how to make your life easier.

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