Build Your Mortgage Protection Quote

Use our service and we will give you an industry leading 30% rebate on your first years mortgage protection insurance premiums. The average cashback amount is over $250.

Income Protection Insurers – Who We Use

Here we at Smart Insure we think that clients should have the choice of all companies products however at the same time we will show an independent rating of any products that we recommend. Current income protection insurance companies we use are:

  • AIA Logo
  • AMP Logo
  • Asteron Life Logo
  • Fidelity Life Logo
  • One Path Logo
  • Partner Life Logo

Difference Between Companies

There are many key differences between each company and the products that it offers our service tries to bring you the best product for the best price. Differences between each company can be as follows:

  • Big differences in premium price
  • Not all companies offer all products – i.e. Health Insurance
  • Some companies offerings are of a lesser quality than others
  • Benefits can vary widely between companies and products
  • Underwriting experience – some companies will be more lenient on certain medical conditions than others and/or cover pursuits or past-times that other insurance companies wouldn’t cover
  • Financial stability rating
  • Some insurers may not offer cover for your occupation
  • Claims experience – we can add our claims and the industries claims experience into the equation
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